Throughout the years of teaching drama, one of the main focus points is reading aloud. The books I have created will encourage your child to use their voice to create mood, characterisation. The stories will engage with their imagination. The more your child reads aloud, they develop fluency in speech and learn to see reading as being a lot of fun.
I have created a range of Read Aloud Plays to help parents/teachers to encourage reading skills to their children/students. Once your child has the basic skills for reading aloud, you will see a huge difference in their confidence, their imagination and their creativity. Two new books are now for beginner readers with full colour pages and I have developed a drama workbook for teachers, with class room activities, games for in the PE hall and seven plays for all the class to perform in and have lots of creative fun. The books will be only be available online. For special discounts or for more information, just send me an email.