We had a great Summer :)
Camps and Tester Workshops in Foxford, Killmovee and Swinford.
We were doing all things creative: working with puppets, making puppets, working with costumes, mask making and lots of drama!

What's Happening in 2023-2024:

Drama Classes start back on Wednesday 13th in Swinford.
(The classes are full and we are busy preparing for Speech & Drama Exams )

St Josephs Secondary School, Foxford:
Four weeks back and we are off to a flying start. There is so much energy and talent this year, it's going to be hard to pick a musical to suit the talent this year.

Youth Theatre Group in Foxford are back Thursday 21st September.
We had a great turn-out. Both Junior and Senior classes are full.
We provide a program of weekly drama workshops, master classes and performances.
We use ensemble approaches to ensure creativity and promote a collaborative working relationship.