Drama School

Term Two: January 11th - March 15th. 10 week term
@ €90: 1student, €170: 2students, €255: 3students, €340: 4 students.
Term Three: April 12th - May 31st. 8 week term @ €80 (Includes Art Materials)

2023 (January 11th – March 15th): is focused on ‘Just Drama’. Through many games and exercises, students learn about character work, Improvisation, Vocal Work, Movement and Script writing.

The students create their own characters and Ideas for their mini play. I write the scripts to ensure they are based around their ideas. By working with the students, it creates team work and creativity within the students and the class.

At the end of the term, we showcase our work in The Town Theatre, Kiltimagh. It’s a lovely theatre and allows the students to gain experience of performing on stage in a safe and creative environment.

All my drama classes are student centred, to insure full personal development in creativity and confidence.

What you will learn in my Drama Class:


A practical introduction to acting skills and exercises, focusing on vocal work, movement, improvisation and script work with a practical performance at the end of each term.

Creating a Character

By using acting techniques and improvisation, you will focused on character development. Practical exercises are given to understand movement, how the body works, vocal work, creating different accents and finding objectives that will move your character.

Working with Props & Costumes

This is a lively and funny class. Props and costumes are used to create characters and story lines for plays. It is a great way to develop creativity and self confidence.

Making a Play

The aim is to take students through the process of making and writing a play. We create characters and work on ideas for plays through improvisation. Once the idea and the characters are devised, I write a script, focusing on students abilities and ideas. The students are fully involved in making the play and they develop a clear understanding of drama and the theatre.


Improvisation is brilliant in developing self confidence and creativity. Students learn to think and react on the spot, try out new ideas and explore and develop new techniques’ in acting. Students will explore the principle of character development and movement.

Vocal Work

Students are taken through valuable exercise’s and technique’s in improving their vocal range, vocal projection and creating accents. It is very important to have good projection for stage work in order for the audience to hear you clearly and enjoy your show.

Script Work

Script Work is where the students will read and explore a script focusing on; the play structure, plot and themes. Students will act out the parts and by practical guidance will develop a clear understanding in how to read, interpret and create a character from a script.

Speech & Drama Examinations

2023 (September – December): is focused on Speech & Drama Syllabus from the Leinster School of Music & Drama. (Examinations are optional for students). The students will learn about poetry, reading aloud, theory, solo acting and script reading. The term is eleven weeks, so there will be plenty of time to focus on creating characters and devising mini plays through group improvisations. There is an in-class showcase, where family can see the work that has been done during the term. 

Class work:
Scripts, poems & notes

2023 Term Two January – April is focused on  Just Drama. This is where each class will create their own plays for the end of term Variety Night Showcase. The term is for eleven weeks.
2023: Term Three April: Puppets & Mask Making. Dance & Singing.