Drama School 2022

Welcome to Giggles Drama School, Co. Mayo: We aim to provide a full range of classes to cover all interests and abilities. We provide regular classes in the Cultural Centre Swinford. The classes enable students to explore drama and the theatre in a fun, safe and creative environment. Classes are grouped according to age to help develop creativity, social skills, confidence and fluency of speech.
Summer Camp is over but we had a great time

Drama Classes Will Start Back in September.

Times will be confirmed in August.

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My Giggles Books

Giggle books are written and designed to encourage children to read out loud. The stories engage the child to see reading as a fun hobby to do alongside their parents. The books will enhance your child’s imagination, fluency in speech, creativity and learn to have fun when reading. The Giggle Drama Teacher’s Handbook is full of great ideas on drama games, exercises and scripts for all the students to enjoy in reading or performing. There is a step by step guide on work plans and class room activities. The Plays are suitable for all ages and can be changed to suit any class size.



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Latest News